Metal Memories

Choose from our stunning collection of free-standing metal images or submit your own photo for a personalized metal image creation.
The combination of 2-sided images and embedded descriptions on the bottom plate not only sets your free-standing metal product apart from others, but it also adds a layer of sophistication and attention to detail, showing that every aspect has been carefully considered.

Small Modern Studio

How We Create Your Metal Image

Sublimation onto an aluminum substrate is a sought-after method for creating vibrant and long-lasting images. The process involves using heat to transfer dye onto specially coated aluminum. First, a digital image is printed onto transfer paper using sublimation ink. The transfer paper is then placed onto the aluminum substrate, and both are placed into a heat press. The heat press applies high temperatures, causing the sublimation ink on the transfer paper to turn into a gas. This gas is then absorbed by the special coating on the aluminum, where it solidifies to form a durable and high-quality image. The result is a stunning, scratch-resistant image that won't fade over time, making it ideal for a variety of applications such as photography, artwork, signage, and personalized gifts.